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Little Light Dreams
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Little Light Dreams is part of the Redwolf Entertainment Group.  


We want your event to be special, but we don't think it should be so crazy expensive for one day of your life or for one night of fun. We think the trends now and into the future are for smaller more intimate gatherings.  We believe a little light goes a long way and your event will still look stunning.

That's why we offer a full spectrum of LED warm white to the most brilliant color.  

We have chandeliers, table lamps, props, premium LED wax candles, glitter trees,  trussing, bubble machines, fog machines and so much more.



While our main focus is offering you rentals for your event, we are also here for temporary installs. After spending years in the event business and doing thousands of events we want to offer our clients and event planners a smaller more intimate experience.  

In addition, we have partnered with Perfect Touch Rentals. They offer a wide variety of tents, chargers, chairs and so much more plus now lighting. We also partner with Paradise Power & Distribution.  They offer ultra quiet movie film generators for the band, for AC or anyplace portable power is needed.  We also have no gas, no sound generators when the need calls for it.  We have you covered, literally from the ground up.

We looked forward to hearing from you.

Robert Diab

Give us a call 910-540-5353 or email us at

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